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​Whether you are traveling to visit family for the holidays or going on summer vacation, road trips can lead to fast food stops loaded with fat, salt and sugar.  Check out these tips to help you eat right while traveling:

Are you ready to start a family?  Did you know that there are some foods you should avoid and some nutrients you need more of during pregnancy? Follow these tips for eating right during pregnancy to help give your baby a kick start to a healthy life:

Be an informed consumer. Stay up-to-date on foodborne outbreaks and the latest food recalls.

Struggling to lose weight?  It’s time to stop following all the latest dieting fads. You know that they are just going to be replaced in a few months anyway. Instead, take the time to understand healthy weight loss and how you can adjust your food intake to reach your goals.

Every 5 years the Dietary Guidelines is released by the US Department of Agriculture, together with the US Department of Health and Human Services. It was created to provide dietary advice that would improve the health of Americans and reduce their risk for chronic diseases.

Whether you have a family history of cancer or know someone who does, try some new recipes in the new year brought to you by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

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